Mozambique Aid & Good Trade

Central Mozambique has been affected by the worst natural disaster in decades. Cyclone Idai destroyed homes, roads, schools and the subsistence crops on which the majority of the population depend. Tens of thousands of live are now at risk of famine and disease. 

As a company dedicated to promoting inclusive development, Mozambique Good Trade cannot stand aside and do nothing.

We have started a disaster relief initiative that will, over the next 6-12 months, supply food and other essential goods to carefully selected organizations working on the ground.

Because we want affected communities to get on with their normal lives, we will also be supporting local agricultural projects through capacity building looking to later integrating them in our supply chains, placing their products in the markets and creating sustainable economic opportunities.

100% of funding raised is going into food and other essential goods (rice, nutritious flours, baby porridge, salt, sugar, others) – all overheads and management costs shall be supported by Mozambique Good Trade’s own funds.

What are we doing differently:

  • Food to be donated is being sourced locally at cost price;
  • We source from our existing network of local producers (small businesses and farmer cooperatives);
  • Sourcing food locally is more efficient as we avoid expensive overseas transport and logistics;
  • We use no donation funds for overheads as we rely on our existing procurement staff and channels;
  • In sourcing locally we support the local economy and small businesses;
  • We will be publishing online all details on donations received, use of funds and list of beneficiaries to ensure transparency:
  • We have partnered with a local organization that has already distributed one thousand tonnes of aid in the affected areas;
  • We are providing essential goods in the short term to alleviate famine and supporting economic reconstruction in the medium to long term.

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