Cocounut Flour

Produced from coconut cake, after the extraction of the oil. Gluten free, 100% natural, without additives and with organic origin certification. Produced in Inhambane with fresh coconut directly acquired from local communities.

The richest flour in terms of fibre, also containing proteins and minerals. It can be consumed by diabetics as it has a low glycaemic index.

Contains medium chain fatty acids which are digested faster than the other saturated fats, thus reducing the body fat accumulation.

Available in 300gr and 500gr packages.


Bake bread, cakes, biscuits and pancakes, adding between 15% and 20% of coconut flour in a mix of wheat flour, banana flour or others.

Use to bread your favourite fish or chicken dishes, replacing the traditional breadcrumbs.

Add to soups to give it thickness and enhance its flavour.