Cassava Flour

Extra fine (dry cassava flour)

Produced by drying and milling the cassava root. Flour without gluten, 100% natural, without additives, produced by the producers of Inhambane.

It is a flour rich in minerals and easy to use to cook in substitution of flours coming from grains or with gluten ..

Available in 450 gr and 1 kg.


Use in the preparation of breads, cakes, biscuits and pancakes, substituting or mixing with other flours.

Prepare your meal by replacing the cornmeal.

Grated and toasted

Produced by grating the root of the cassava and then toasting. Known in Mozambique by rhale, in Brazil by farofa.

From the province of Inhambane, gluten free, 100% natural and without additives.

Available in 500 gr.


For a light meal or snack along with hot water and add sugar to taste.

To prepare farofa, make a refill with other condiments and fry. Use to accompany the black beans.